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[]is not a pornographic website, but some of the content may not be suitable for persons who are eighteen years old or below. But we can’t guarantee the age of people viewing the website or ensure the accuracy of the data provided by register ed members.
All the products we sold are generally suitable for normal healthy adult men and women. If you have your physical condition in doubt, please consult doctor to obtain professional advice. Before you use the products, please make sure that you know how to use it correctly. the kind of electric products should be used from low-speed and speed up the pace relying on your adaptive faculty  until comfortable. And for the products directly contact with sexual organs, it is better to use it combining with condoms and should be cleaned up before and after using. SM or a number of high-stimulation products are not suitable for all the people, so it should be used very carefully. It should be pointed out emphatically for purchaser that the using of part of product must get the partner's consent first. Any accident caused by use error[Loving World]is not responsible for
We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of product data we provided, but still inevitably make mistakes. We will do our best to collect and collate correct data in order to raise credibility. As a result of site content lead to any dispute or loss, our company is not responsible for! Please forgive!
The retail and wholesale customers outside of China need to know:
When you order some product from [Loving World], you will be considered as importer, so you must abide by the laws and regulations of receiving country. You may need to pay additional taxes or fees, which are depended on the law of destination of the goods transported to. We cannot control or predict the number of such charges, and the Inland Revenue Ordinances of different place are also very different. So you can query local authorities. [Loving World] will not take any negative legal responsibility for goods order by customers.
Please understand and support above!
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Some of the products on this site only for adults 18 years of age are advised not to enter!